Name: Tyra Coulter
Age: Unknown (Deceased)
Portrayed by: Julia Anderson

Tyra Coulter (played by Julia Anderson) is a rookie cop from Seattle. Tyra and her partner, Darryl, are sent to the island with outdated information claiming they need to arrest J.D. and pick up the remaining survivors, despite J.D. being already dead by that point. She is very excited to apprehend her first murderer.


1x10 - Tyra's Death

Tyra's body floats in the water.

 After landing on the island, Tyra and Darryl are approached by John Wakefield, disguised as the sherriff. In the middle of greeting him, the two realize who he is, but are too late to react as he shoots them both in the chest. Shane later discovers their corpses floating in the water.