Richard allen

Name: Richard Allen
Age: Unknown (Deceased)
Relationships: Katherine Wellington (Lover; Deceased)
*Spouse: Shea Allen *Daughter:Madison Allen *Father-in-Law: Thomas Wellington (Deceased)
*Mother-in-Law: Vanessa Wellington (Deceased)
*Sister-in-Law: Trish Wellington (Deceased
Portrayed by: David Lewis

Richard Allen is married to Shea Allen and the father of Madison Allen. Richard is killed by a harpoon to the chest in "Sploosh."


Richard worked for Thomas Wellington, who had completely broken him under his thumb. Richard secretly hated Thomas and was plotting revenge against him.


Richard is having an affair with Katherine Wellington, which Trish Wellington witnesses in "Bang." Trish tells Henry Dunn of her discovery, who then confronts Richard about it. Richard later manages to pull Trish from the Candlewick Inn's pool as the pool cover begins trapping her underwater, although this makes both Henry and Trish suspicious of him.

In "Sploosh," Richard comes under suspicion for Thomas Wellington's recent death when his affair with Katherine is made public. While being interrogated by Sherriff Charlie Mills, he finally lets loose how much he hated Thomas, and reveals that he still loves Trish and only had the affair to get back at his enemy. It is later revealed that he had Madison lie to Mills, saying that he was with her all morning.


1x06 - Richard's Death

Richard is impaled by a harpoon.

Later in "Sploosh," Richard is walking the grounds of the Candlewick on the phone with his attorney's office, asking for them to take any future questioning from the Sheriff. He is suddenly speared by a harpoon and notices Madison look up, seemingly at him, and calls her. He is quickly pulled backwards with the rope attached to the harpoon.


  • Before his death, Richard was one of the main suspects for the killer in the series, compounded by the fact that he happened to be nearby when Trish was trapped underneath a pool cover. His hatred for Thomas also put him under suspicion.
  • His corpse is discovered by several characters in Episode 8.
  • Henry claims he is the one who killed Richard in Episode 12.