Nikki bolton

Name: Nikki Bolton
Age: 24 (Deceased)
Portrayed by: Ali Liebert

Nikki Bolton (portrayed by Ali Liebert) is an old friend of Abby's who lives on the island and manages The Cannery, a bar on the island. She's a tough, sexy, straight-talking local who doesn't back down from confrontation. She's thrilled Abby's back on the island, and looks forward to having fun while the wedding party's in town.

In the pilot episode, Nikki greets Abby and warns the locals that anyone who touches her will get their "tongues nailed to the bar".

In Episode 2, she has a minor squabble with Lucy, not wanting her dog in the bar.

After going missing for several episodes, she finally returns to the Cannery, which leads to the death of Maggie (who makes a flimsy theory based on Nikki's return and is killed because of it).

She owned a blue old fashion car, it was her method of getting to The Cannery, and it is used in two plans by the group. The first being the mode of transportation for Sully and Cal to find the sailboat, with her saying its perfect and to giggle the keys in the ignition to get it to work, it's used even after her death while looking for Chloe, it is used as a blockade over the storm drain, an entrance to the tunnels under the island the killer was using, it was looked after during this plan by Trish and Jimmy.

As Sully is leaving the Cannery to find a boat with Cal, he briefly kisses her.


1x11 - Nikki's Death

Nikki is stabbed by Wakefield.

1x11 - Nikki's Death 2

Nikki lies dead on the floor.

In Splash, John Wakefield barges his way into the Cannery. Nikki immediately goes for her shotgun, but Wakefield grabs it and it instead fires off wildly into the ceiling. He stabs her through the stomach, and pulls her corpse over the bar and onto the floor.