Kelly seaver

Name: Kelly Seaver
Age: Unknown (Deceased)
Relationships: J.D. Dunn (Fling; Deceased), Shane Pierce (Ex-boyfriend, Deceased)
*Mother: Kate Seaver (Deceased)
Portrayed by: Ana Mae Routledge

Kelly Seaver is a Harper's Island resident who never got over the death of her mother, Kate Seaver, following the murders. She struggles with depression and believes that John Wakefield is still alive and will come back to kill her. She currently works as a groundskeeper at the Candlewick Inn. Kelly dies of an unknown cause and is discovered hanging in "Crackle".

In "Whap", Kelly is seen being stared at by J.D. Dunn. She initially takes him as a pervert, but it turns out he was only looking at the tattoo on her breast. She seems interested until her ex-boyfriend Shane Pierce intervenes and insults both of them. Shane reveals that Kelly has cut herself.

In "Crackle", meets Abby Mills, quickly bonding with her. During the conversation, Kelly reveals that she has been seeing John Wakefield and believes he's still alive. She also expresses her desire to leave the island and move to Los Angeles to live with Abby, to which Abby later agrees. Kelly is later seen making out with J.D.


1x02 - Kelly's Death

Kelly is found hung at her house.

Shortly after the beginning of the bonfire party in the episode "Crackle", Nikki arrives at Kelly's home to walk with her to the party. Nikki discovers Kelly hanging in her home, and Sheriff Charlie Mills is quickly on scene.

In "Ka-Blam", the island doctor Ike Campbell, acting as coroner, discovers that she had sex before she died and what appears to be blood in her eyes. He takes a sample of the substance, initially chalking it up to petechial hemorrhaging. He later calls the Sheriff, informing him that the substance is surprisingly red ink. Several Wakefield articles are discovered in Kelly's home with red ink writing on them, claiming responsibility for her death.


  • Kelly's death was designed to implicate both J.D. Dunn and Shane Pierce, as J.D. was the last person seen with her before she died, and Shane was a tattoo artist, meaning he had the tools needed to inject red ink into her eyes.
  • Kelly has one of the earliest deaths in the series, dying midway through Episode 2.
  • Her death, along with Beth Barrington, Patrick Lillis, and Katherine Wellington remains one of four that isn't shown.