Joel booth

Name: Joel Booth
Age: 27 (Deceased)
Portrayed by: Sean Rogerson

Joel "Booth" Booth is a groomsman. Booth dies of femoral hemorrhaging in "Bang."

In "Bang," Booth and the other groomsmen discover the remains of Hunter Jennings while on a fishing trip. Malcolm Ross takes Uncle Marty's bag from Hunter's boat. Later, after noticing two men at the Candlewick Inn with guns, Booth is picked to hide the found money for safekeeping.


1x04 - Booth's Death

Booth dies of blood loss in Malcolm's arms.

While attempting to hide the money, Booth is startled by Malcolm and pulls Marty's gun from the bag. As he lowers the gun, a gunshot is heard, coinciding with a bright flash. Malcolm escapes unscathed, but soon discovers a wound to Booth's femoral artery. Booth collapses and bleeds to death in Malcolm's arms.


  • Booth is the only character in the series to die of causes completely unrelated to the murders taking place on the island.