Hunter jennings

Name: Hunter Jennings
Age: Unknown (Deceased)
Portrayed by: Victor Webster

Hunter Jennings was Trish Wellington's college boyfriend. He is a minor antagonist in the first three episodes of the show. Hunter dies of a gunshot wound to the head in "Ka-Blam."


Hunter dated Trish in college, during a split she had with Henry Dunn, three years prior to the wedding. It is assumed Henry had something to do with Hunter and Trish's ultimate breakup, from dialog in "Crackle."

On The IslandEdit

Hunter is being paid by Thomas Wellington to break up Trish and Henry. In "Whap," Uncle Marty overhears a discussion between the two. Henry also discovers a text message from Hunter on Trish's phone. Hunter continually harrasses Trish throughout the first three episodes, culminating in a humiliating moment for Trish when a clothing store employee catches him confronting her in a dressing room and mistakes him for the actual groom.

In "Ka-Blam", Henry finds that Hunter is on the island, and staying at the nearby Pines Motel. He gets a key to Hunter's room and discovers the truth about Thomas. Hunter later tells Thomas that he has become fed up with Trish, and gives an ultimatum for $50,000 or a revelation of the truth.

Thomas later agrees and meets Hunter at the Marina as he is leaving. He hands Hunter a check, but warns him to never speak to Trish again. As Hunter leaves in a small motor boat, he discovers Uncle Marty's bag.


1x03 - Hunter's Death

Hunter is shot by a shotgun.

In "Ka-Blam," on his way home from the island, the boat's engine stalls and the boat stops dead in the water. Hunter opens the motor compartment, only to discover a rigged shotgun, which quickly shoots him in the head.

The groomsmen discover Hunter's remains in "Bang," and, upon finding Marty's bag, take him for a drug dealer. Malcolm Ross forces the groomsmen to take the money, accidentally sinking Hunter's boat as he argues with them.


  • Hunter is one of several characters to not be directly murdered by one of the killers, being killed by a rigged shotgun presumably set up by Henry Dunn.
  • The suitcase of money that the groomsmen find in Hunter's boat starts off a long sub-plot that gets Booth and Malcolm killed.