Danny brooks

Name: Danny Brooks
Age: 27 (Deceased)
Portrayed by: Brandon Jay McLaren

Danny Brooks (portrayed by Brandon Jay McLaren) is a groomsman and one of Henry's best friends from college. Danny is the sensitive guy in the group. He's thoughtful and always wants to do the right thing. Danny feels things deeply, and when he senses injustice, he can't walk away, but has to try and make things right. Danny is one of the longest survivors of the series, dying in Episode 12.

Danny is one of the groomsmen who discover Marty Dunn's suitcase of money on Hunter's boat. He is against taking it, but Malcolm manages to persuade him and his friends differently. Although paranoid that drug dealers will come after them, he eventually forgets about this when other problems start cropping up.

When Danny finds out that Malcolm unintentionally got Booth killed in a situation involving the money, he punches him in anger. This causes Malcolm enough guilt to go into the furnace, leading to his death at the hands of Henry, the killer.

In "Seep", Danny is searching through Prohibition-era tunnels for the missing Beth when he discovers her corpse.

The death count continues to mount over the course of the series, and Danny tries to survive along with everyone else. In "Gasp", he allows himself to be used as bait in a plan to capture John Wakefield, which succeeds. While Henry, Sully and Abby go searching for Jimmy and Trish, Danny agrees to stay back at the police station with Shea and Madison to watch over the captured Wakefield.


1x12 - Danny's Death

Danny struggles with Wakefield before getting impaled in the eye by a memo holder.

While conversing with Madison, Danny is suddenly attacked by Wakefield, who escaped from his cell (with the help of Henry, as it turns out.) Wakefield nearly strangles him, but he manages to break free long enough to tell Shea and Madison to run. As they leave, Danny attacks Wakefield. He puts up a very good fight, but is finally overpowered by the killer. Wakefield slams his face down on a memo holder, impaling him through the eyeball and killing him instantly.
1x12 - Danny's Death 2

Danny was pushed by Wakefield into the memo holder.


  • Although dying in Episode 12, Danny technically appears in all thirteen episodes, as he is given a cameo in the video montage at the end of the finale.
  • Danny had a very good friendship with Sully, who became visibly upset and angry when he heard about the former's death.
  • Danny is the only African-American member of the cast.
  • Danny is the only character other than Shane to put up a legitimately good fight against John Wakefield before his death.
  • Danny is the last character to be killed by John Wakefield.