Name: Cole Harkin
Age: Unknown (Deceased)
Portrayed by: Dean Wray

Cole Harkin (played by Dean Wray) was a survivor of the 2001 murders and the sheriff's former deputy. During the murders, he was horrifically scarred by an explosion and went into seclusion.

In Episode 5, Thomas Wellington and his daughter, Trish, are out on a bike ride when they are hit by one of Cole's rigged log traps. Paranoid about being attacked, he sends out his guard dogs scare them off. Thomas kills one of them. Cole is seen glaring at the two before walking back inside his house.

J.D. Dunn is revealed to have formed a friendship with him, and after being marked as a major suspect, takes refuge in his house. When held in police custody, he told Sherrif Mills Cole's location in order to prove his innocence. While on the trail to his house, Mills is badly wounded by one of Cole's traps (a swinging knife attached to a stick that hits him in the leg) and falls unconscious. Cole finds him and takes him into his cabin to heal him.


1x08 - Cole's Death

Cole is killed by the arrow in the heart.

While at Cole's cabin, Mills and Cole have a long conversation where the latter confirms that J.D. is innocent, although Mills remains skeptical. Cole hands the Sherrif several files that prove to be crucial to the plot later on. He then walks outside, and is shot through the shoulder with an arrow by John Wakefield, pinning him to the wall. The next shot hits him in the chest, killing him instantly. As he dies, he drops his lantern, setting fire to himself and the cabin.


  • Cole was revealed to have taken Lucy's dog, Gigi, as a pet. He seemed to have not done a very good job of it, as the dog was found to be severely malnourished.
  • Cole is one of several characters to be killed by long-distance weapons.
  • The traps on the island are all mostly set up by Cole himself, he even tells this to Charlie Mills in saying he doesn't want the wrong people coming for him, and is even seen at one, the traps shown are the pit traps, activated by Malcolm Ross and Lucy Daramour, the sneer traps, activated by Cal Vandeusen and Reverend Fain, the log trap, activated by Trish and Thomas Wellington, and the spear trap, activated by Charlie Mills.