Name: Chloe Carter
Age: 25 (September 17, 1983) (Deceased)
Relationships: Cal Vandeusen (Fiancé; Deceased)
Portrayed by: Cameron Richardson

Chloe Carter was one of Trish's bridesmaids. She was the flirtatious fiancée of Cal Vandeusen. Chloe throws herself from a bridge in "Splash".

On the Island[edit | edit source]

In "Whap", Chloe flirts with Uncle Marty when he boards the Tarapunga in Seattle. Later on the boat trip to Harper's Island, she tells Lucy Daramour and Beth Barrington the story of the 2001 murders and Sarah Mills's death, and Lucy makes a comment about Chloe having "a thing for serial killers." Later, at dinner, the bridesmaids are curious if Abby Mills and Henry Dunn have ever hooked up, and Chloe makes a comment about how she never had a boy who was just a friend. Chloe proceeds to dance with Uncle Marty, much to the dislike of Cal.

In "Crackle", Christopher "Sully" Sullivan makes advances on Chloe, who rebuffs him. Later, after Cal has gone missing, Sully leads her to Cal, who has been trapped in a snare the entire day. In "Ka-Blam", Cal and Chloe get revenge on Sully by having Chloe lure him into a trap, where Cal manages to cover him in feathers.

In "Sploosh", Chloe and Cal return from a sailing excursion after being becalmed, causing them to miss the wedding rehearsal. At The Cannery, Cal informs her that a local couple has found the engagement ring intended for her, and Chloe intervenes, breaking up the couple and retrieving the ring.

In "Snap", Chloe attempts to convince Cal not to leave to retrieve the sailboat. Before leaving, Cal leaves the engagement ring with her. In "Splash", Chloe narrowly escapes an attack by John Wakefield at The Cannery, and quickly turns from finding the murders interesting to being horrified. In Charlie Mills's Attic, when Madison Allen expresses interest in Wakefield's history, Chloe snaps at Madison, exclaiming that Wakefield is a sociopath.

Chloe discovers Patrick Lillis's body at the Church, and is kidnapped by John Wakefield shortly before Cal reunites with the wedding party. Wakefield locks her into a storm sewer, commenting that he was nearly killed by a woman like her (referencing Sarah Mills), and asks if Cal would be willing to die for her. Cal eventually manages to free Chloe asks her to marry him. As Chloe tearfully accepts, they notice Wakefield approaching.

Death[edit | edit source]

Chloe committed suicide and throws herself from the bridge.

Chloe and Cal run from Wakefield, across a high bridge nearby. The two run into a fence, blocking their path, and Cal pleads with Chloe to climb around it. As Chloe struggles with her footing, Wakefield catches up with them. Chloe watches in horror as Wakefield murders Cal and throws him into the river below. As Wakefield turns to Chloe, she defiantly tells him, "you can't have me," and falls from the bridge.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chloe is one of several characters to not be directly murdered by one of the two killers (she commits suicide).
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