A list of Harper's Island episodes.


A large group of family and friends go to Harper's Island for a wedding, unaware that a killer is among them.


A mysterious scavenger hunt leads to three deaths on the Island.


The Sheriff investigates what appears to be suicide, believing the death to be more sinister than it looks.


The groomsmen take Henry fishing for his bachelor party and make a gruesome discovery, the bridesmaids celebrate Trish's final days as a bachelorette with a psychic who has a very strong reaction to Abby, and a different sort of death is witnessed in this episode.


Abby discovers her father's secret obsession, and the wedding rehearsal ends in another gruesome and terrifying death.


After the horrific murder scene at the wedding rehearsal, the island and the guests are put on lockdown. People start wondering if the killer is among them. A ninth victim is killed.

Thrack, Splat, SizzleEdit

After Abby, J.D. and Henry try to solve the mystery by looking in the the Sheriff's attic, the guests begin to think that they know who is responsible for all of the killings.


One of the wedding guests is kidnapped, and the remaining guests are told that the kidnapped guest will be killed if anyone leaves the Island.

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