Cheshire Cat logo

Name: Andrew Cullen
Age: 20's (Deceased)
*Father: Christopher Cullen (Deceased)
*Mother: Wendy Cullen
*Grandfather: Louis Cullen (Deceased)
*Grandmother: Jane Cullen (Deceased)
Portrayed by: Kevin Schlanser

Andrew "Andy" Cullen, a.k.a. Cheshire Cat was a mysterious poster on the Harper's Globe website. He was found dead in the woods by Robin in "R.I.P. Cheshire Cat".


Andrew Cullen was born to Wendy and Christopher Cullen on Harper's Island during the 1980s. He was on the island the day his father died, and actually caused his father Christopher to be late to work the day of the 2001 murders, possibly causing him to cross paths with John Wakefield.

Not much is known about the time between Christopher Cullen's death and Robin's arrival on the island. It is known that Andy delivered shrimp to local businesses on Harper's Island, such as Candlewick Inn and The Cannery. He appears to have lived alone for a long period of time, and may have had limited communication skills. Interactions with Robin

After Robin revealed that she had gone skinny dipping with Brent, Andy, posting as Cheshire Cat, told her that people are watching her and that she is in danger. The following day, he posted footage of Robin and Brent skinny dipping, which was later revealed to be showing someone in the shadows nearby.

A few weeks later, Andy seemingly attacked Robin, attempting to give her a VHS tape. Robin returned later and found his keys. She entered Andy's house and discovered several video tapes containing footage around the island. Again, it was later revealed that these videos all show someone lurking in the shadows.

Soon thereafter, Andy sneaked into Robin's room, leaving her a videotape marked "For Your Eyes Only", depicting Brent being abducted. Robin eventually decided to trust Andy and asked him to help her. She went looking for Andy, but upon returning to his house, she found the place ransacked. During her video taken from inside Andy's room, clues leading to Andy's hidden blog were discovered.


File:HG - Andrew's Death.jpg

In his blog, Andy said that if she were reading it, he was probably dead. Robin was horrified upon reading this, and departs from Andy's house blaming herself for exposing his identity to the killer.

Soon, Robin became lost in the woods. She tripped and fell, quickly discovering Andy's disemboweled corpse lying next to her. With the body, she found her necklace, as well as another videotape marked "For Your Eyes Only". The videotape contained footage of Brent being tortured by the killer, and telling Robin that her purpose on the island was to document the killings, and she was doing exactly what they wanted.

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